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  第一部分 五年高考题荟萃

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  Even at school there had been an unhealthy competition between George and Richard.

  "I'll be the first millionaire in Coleford!" Richard used to boast.

  "And you'll be sorry you knew me," George would reply "because I'll be the best lawyer in town!"

  George never did become a lawyer and Richard never made any money. Instead both men opened bookshops on opposite sides of Coleford High Street. It was hard to make money from books, which made the competition between them worse.

  Now with only one bookshop in town, business was better for George. But sometimes he sat in his narrow , old kitchen and gazed out of the dirty window , thinking about his former rival (竞争对手)。Perhaps he missed him?

  George was very interested in old dictionaries, He'd recently found a collector in Australia who was selling a rare first edition. When the parcel arrived, the book was in perfect condition and George was delighted. But while he was having lunch, George glanced at the photo in the newspaper that the book had been wrapped in. He was astonished-the smiling face was older than he remembered but unmistakable! Trembling, George started reading.

  "Bookends have bought ten bookstores from their rivals Dylans. The company, owned by multi-millionaire Richard Pike, is now the largest bookseller in Australia. "

  65. George and Rivhard were at school.

  A. roommates B. good friends C. competitors D. booksellers

  66. How did George feel about Richard after his disappearance?

  A. He envied Richard's marriage.

  B. He thought of Richard from time to time.

  C. He felt lucky with no rival in town.

  D. He was guilty of Richard's death.

  67. George got information about Richard from .

  A. a dictionary collector in Australia

  B. the latter's rivals Dylans

  C. a rare first edition of a dictionary

  D. the wrapping paper of a book

  68. What happened to George and Richard in the end?

  A. Both George and Richard became millionaires.

  B. Both of them realized their original ambitions.

  C. George established a successful business white Richard was missing.

  D. Richard became a millionaire while George had no great success.

  答案 65.C 66.B 67.D 68.D


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